Last week, Hamilton Forth was delighted to welcome Danielle MacLeod, co-founder of Remarkable Women, to host an interactive session with a number of female leaders from our network.

Danielle, who is also an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, teacher, coach and former Customer Service Director of Sky (UK), led participants on a journey to understand the importance of ‘slowing down to speed up’.

Discussing the session, Danielle commented; “We’ve had an opportunity in the last few months to look at our choices in life and leadership. In a period of clear emergency with a burning requirement to operationalise change fast, many of us have found ourselves running faster than we might have thought possible. We could call this unprecedented times, but it’s a particular habit of most leaders to go faster, work through, push on, even suck it up.

“Yet deep down, most of us can access an inner wisdom that says, maybe there’s something in slowing down to speed up.”

Danielle worked with our group of attendees in an interactive session to explore the idea that most things make no difference at all, but to focus on the possibilities when we break old habits and learn to discern what truly makes a difference.

Huge thanks to Danielle and all our participants for making this such an enjoyable and informative session.

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